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Kitten Heels

The Kitten Heel: Fashion Faux Pas or Trend Alert?

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The Return of The Kitten Heel – Fashion Blogger Style


Here, we’ll show you how some of Fashion’s Biggest Influencers are donning the kitten heel, and more importantly, how you can too.

The Return of Kitten Heels

Shop the best and sweetest kitten heel boots ever below:

Love them or hate them: kitten heels are back in fashion

Slingback Kitten Heels Are the Ultimate Spring 2018 Shoe


In fact, there should be a law that declares low heels fashionable every season, every year, perpetually. Is there a petition going around to do just that?

Kitten Heel

Kitten heels are back. No, this is not a drill… The once fashion faux-pas is now a major trend this fall. With the weather taking a nosedive, …

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Offering a practical but still polished look, the mini heel can also be particularly flattering on the foot. Here’s our guide to keeping your kittens on …

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Stirrup pants and kitten heels are the fall 2017 fashion trend to watch out for